FSCE is an abbreviation for Fachschaftsinitiative Computational Engineering. A Fachschaftsinitiative in general is a federation of dedicated students of the particular subject, who try to represent the interests of students at the faculty and in panels. The members are not elected, everyone who is motivated to get involved can take part – as long and to the extend he likes. We are always looking for new blood!

How can I take part?

We are happy about every new member, no matter whether you just want to take a glimpse, to help in some activities or even are willing to spend a lot of time. It’s all your own choice. If your are interested in something like that or just want to meet some ohter people studying CE contact us via internet or come to a meeting or the coffee hour. We are looking forward to you!

How can I approach?

You can contact us most easily via mail or during the coffee hour in our room. You can find here how and where.