Digital technology has also found its way into the university. You will soon notice that most of your lecturers give so-called PowerPoint lectures, which means that you will be presented with lots of slides during the lecture (60 slides in 90 minutes are not uncommon). Of course, taking notes will be a challenge.

But don’t worry, your lecturers are aware of this fact and will therefore usually provide you with the slides in digital form for downloading. Depending on the lecturer, there are generally two different ways in which the slides are made available to you.

The classic way is to upload them to the website of the relevant department. The link and password are usually provided in the first or second lecture, so pay attention!

However, more and more scripts are now available for download on the central StudOn platform. That’s why StudOn will be very important for you in the next few years. You will also do several exercises or tests here.

You can log in via the Single Sign-On button with your RRZE passport. Once inside, you now have to select your lectures and join the courses. Either click hierarchically through to the course under Online Offer or search for it using the search field in the top right-hand corner.

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