Information Technology

Information Technology deals with (as the name might suggest) the transmission and processing of information. On the one hand this includes a theoretical part of the topic, where e.g. the minimum amount of bits necessary to describe any information is evaluated, but on the other hand there is also a wide range of applications for this subject. This includes e.g. digital signal processing and their use to audio and video coding.

The bridge between computer science and information technology is the transmission of data. There are several lectures in which you will find out how different devices (mobile, computer, maybe even your fridge) communicate with each other and with the user in front of it.

Chairs of the TAF

The TAF IT is mainly supported by three chairs, the Chair for Multimedia Communications and Signal Processing, the Chair for Information Transmission and the Chair for Mobile Communications.

The LMS deals with three topics:

Videocoding and -transmission: This includes methods for the compression of video data (MPEG, DivX, etc.) as well as methods for noise suppression.

Audiosignalprocessing and -compression: The same as for videos, but here only applied to audio data.

Multidimensional Signals and Systems Theory: This includes the theory behind the two subjects mentioned above. As an example one could think of an efficient algorithm implementation to extract object data like the object position from an audiostream.