Prospective Students

Is a lot of mathematics taught/needed in CE? Is this really so difficult?

CE covers slightly more mathematics than many other programmes at the Faculty of Engineering. However, it is not more difficult than most other engineering degrees.

What are the mathematical prerequisites needed for the programme?

The mathematics part taught in CE requires just as much basic knowledge than other programms taught at the Faculty of Engineering. Even students who have not taken maths as an intensified course in high school have successfully completed this degree. Additionally, the Faculty of Engineering invites every freshman to its introductory course (Mathematik-Repetitorium (ONLY IN GERMAN)), so that everyone is on the same level,

However, whilst not requiring many prerequisites, you still should enjoy mathematics and especially solving challenging problems.

Is it possible to switch from Computer Science to CE or vice versa?

CE and CS students share a lot of common courses — especially during the first two semesters. When changing your major, however, you must keep in mind that it is required to keep up on missing modules. Alternatively, you switch after finishing your Bachelor’s degree, and continue onto studying the Master’s degree of your choice without any further requirements.

Are any programming skills required?

No, students will learn how to program during the first semesters. However, students should enjoy working with computers (as you will do this a lot) and learning programming languages themselves. But if you already have experiences with programming before (like in a CS-course in high school), it will be a little bit easier! For complete beginners, the introductory course Informatik-Repetitorium (ONLY IN GERMAN) is highly recommended.